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Keep the 📚 FUN 📚 going after the visit!

Tell your school families what you've been up to!

Let parents know about your class visit with  ready-made flyers.

Discover books by Sarah Giles

Find out where to buy, or learn how to get Sarah Giles' books into your public library if they are not already there.

Host a Virtual Book Signing

For any of your school families that own or buy any of my books, I will send signed, personalized bookplates! Click here to find out how.  It's easy and fun!

Request Origami Bookmarks for your class

All I need to know is how many students you have and a mailing address. 

Share your

ME Maps to

the Flipgrid

ME Map Gallery**

**The gallery is PUBLIC, so please

make sure that posting here is in line with

your students' media policies.**