Having a notebook that can fit in your pocket ensures

that you can have it with you whenever a great idea strikes!

How to Make a Pocket-Sized "Idea Trap" Notebook

What you need:

4 sheets of letter-sized paper

1 printed template

2 pieces of cardboard, each 3 in. x 4.5 in.

A piece of yarn at least 2 feet long

Material to decorate the cover. (Wrapping paper works great!)

Step 1:

Cut the printed template along all dotted lines. Punch holes where the circles are printed. 

Fold the 4 sheets of plain paper in half. Fold in half again. Open back up and cut along the folds. You now have 16 pieces.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Take one stack of  4 pieces and fold them in half. (If you cut more than 4, it is harder to cut straight.) Open back up and cut along the fold. Repeat with the other sheets in groups of 4. You now have 32 pieces of cut paper.

Step 6:

Line up all of the cut pieces of paper (there should be 40) with the template on top. Working in groups of about 4 sheets, with the template on top, punch holes on the lower sheets to line up with the holes in the template.

Decorate the pieces of cardboard with wrapping paper, markers, stickers or whatever inspires you. (Try to keep it flat though, since it needs to be able to slide in and out of your pocket. So skip the pom-poms. 😁)

Place the template on top of one of the pieces of decorated cardboard. Center the template so that there is a little room around each of the edges. Punch holes in the cardboard to line up with the template. Repeat with the second piece of cardboard.

*If your cardboard is too think to fit in the hole puncher, you can trace the circles on to the cardboard, poke through the center of the circle with a sharpened pencil and twist the pencil back and forth until the hole is the size you want.

Step 7:

Gather up all of your pieces and make a cardboard sandwich with all of the papers in the middle. Make sure the hols are lined up so that you can see all the way through. 

Take a piece of yarn and feed it through the first hole. bring it around to the top and tie a double knot. *You don't want to tie it too tight, though, or your notebooks will be hard to open and close.*

Trim the yarn and repeat through each of the remaining 4 holes.

Now you have your own Pocket-Sized "Idea Trap"!

If you have made a cardboard idea trap and you are ready for something a little more advanced, click here for instructions for this melty-bead notebook,


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