I'm so excited to visit your class! 🙌 Here is what you can expect:

The way the lesson is structured is that your class would 1) view the video lesson and 2) complete the activity before we meet. 

Next, we meet via Skype for a live 15-20 minute visit where I talk about becoming a writer for 2-3 minutes, then the rest of the time is split between: 1) Q&A: I can answer your students questions about writing, about being an author, the lesson or whatever else is on their mind and 2) often students like to share their completed activities with me.
If you are new to Skype author visits, here are some best practices for a successful visit:

1) Test your equipment before the visit to make sure video/audio/projection works like you expect -  If you want to do a test call with me prior to our visit let me know at hello@sarahgilesbooks.com.

2)  Get to know the author - Your students will get to "meet" me first through the video lesson.  It really helps to do the lesson and the activity before we meet.  Also, you can find out more about me/my books on by exploring the 'Books' and 'About' sections of my website.  

3)  Prepare some questions in advance - Some classes prepare these individually and take turns asking. I have met other classes that prepare questions together as a group and then elect certain students to come forward and ask them. And then, of course, other questions pop up as we go and those are great, too. 😊

4)  Organize - Because I don't know everyone's names and it can sometimes be hard to hear, it is helpful if teachers or other leaders are standing by to help select volunteers for questions/sharing, and then have volunteers come up close to the mic/camera to speak.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Best Practice Tips for a Stellar Author Visit 🌟


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