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Rules and Instructions for Play.

First, you need a soft ball. I mean, a REALLY soft ball. So soft that if it hit you in the face, you would still be laughing. Surely you have heard the saying “There’s no crying in SPUD.” This is why.  


If you don't have one, you can find one here 👉:*

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Next, you need at least four players, but more is even better. The more players you have, the more fun it is.  

To start, one person volunteers or is elected to be “IT.” The other players each count off a number, 1, 2, 3, etc.

The person who is “IT” has the ball, and the other players stand around IT in a circle. IT throws the ball as high as he/she can and at the same time shouts out the number of one of the other players.  

All of the players (including IT) run as far away from the center as possible EXCEPT for the player whose number was called. That player (2) runs to the center to try to catch the ball. As soon as she has the ball in her hands, she yells “SPUD,” and all of the other players have to stop running.

Player 2 can now take three giant steps to get as close as possible to the player of her choice. Player 2 then has to throw the ball, trying to hit the other player. Player 3 can try to dodge the ball by leaning out of its way BUT cannot move his feet. 

If player 2 hits the other player, then that player (3) gets an “S” and becomes IT. If player 2 misses, then player 2 gets an “S” and remains IT. The next time player 2 misses or gets hit by another IT, she will earn a “P,” and then a “U,” and so on.  

Players continue to play rounds until a player earns “S-P-U-D,” at which point, they are out of the game and have to sit out and watch. The last man (or woman) standing wins the game!

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