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It's Author Visit Season!

“My kids are still talking about our visit with you!” 

-D. Moore, 2nd Grade Teacher, TX


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Classes visited

Virtual miles traveled

Activity kits downloaded

Hello Educators!  If you're here, that probably means that you're looking for new and creative ways to engage and develop young readers and writers. To you I say: Bravo! Brava! Bravi!


Thank you for everything you do every day to inspire, encourage, and ignite young minds!

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I hate spam. OK, so I secretly like SPAM® musubi 🥢, but I hate email spam. I don't send a ton of emails, but I do like to let you know when I have something new, FREE, or helpful for you and your students.


*The Skype in the Classroom program has come to an end, but not to worry! You can book directly with me!

& Mini-Lesson 


The Case of the Missing StorY!

Creative Writing Workshop - $200

Perfect for 3rd/4th grade students.

Your students will join me in imagining that they have a great idea for a character, but it's gone missing. We will work together to answer questions and follow the clues that will lead us right to our very own character story!

*2 LIVE virtual lessons with me

*2 video lessons with step-by-step instructions

*Student e-workbook (print or post to your online classroom)

Through this workshop, I will guide your students through four activities, designed to enrich skill-building in idea generation, character development, story arc, and drafting. Plus, we will have time for "Ask the Author" (Q&A) + sharing!

For phYsical AND virtual classrooms, or anY combination of the two!

*Workshop price is per class of up to 30 students. Additional students will require an additional curriculum fee.


If you have particular budgetary limitations, give me a shout at I am happy to work with you and talk about ideas to help make the cost more manageable! 

What Teachers are saYing about the workshop:

The level of student engagement exceeded my expectations! Sarah did an incredible job creating a level of confidence in my student's writing even through a Google Meet. They were engaged and involved the whole time. 



Grab some special book discounts for your students, plus tips for a successful visit.

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