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Introducing: Book 2 in the Fitting Out Series!

Max is ready—TOTALLY ready for the first day of school. He made three new friends just in time and now settling into 4th grade will be easy. Until ...


Max is assigned to show a new kid around and introduce him to the kids at school.  How will Max, who has just learned how to talk to new people for himself, be able to help someone else?

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Hey Teachers & Librarians - This is Just for You! 

Raising Hands

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Max is one-in-a-million: unique, level 3!  He’s a pretty smart guy, but when his best friend moves away, Max has to tackle something he has NO idea how to do: make new friends. 


To solve the problem, Max uses the scientific method to launch a project to find some new friends.  To make this experiment work, Max will have to make some BIG changes...right? 

Introducing: The Fitting Out Series Premiere!