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Getting the Fitting Out books in more libraries is important to me so that anyone who wants to read them can, without cost being a barrier. Did you know that if a book is not currently in your public library, you can ask them to get it?


Most libraries have a "suggest a purchase function".  You provide some basic information about the book you want and then your library will let you know if they are able to get it for you. 

My library even automatically puts it on hold for me, so that as soon as it becomes available it is reserved for me to read first!

I 💖 the Library!

If you would like to see Fitting Out books in your local library, you can copy and paste the book details from here. 

Make sure to grab the link in the  'Additional Information' section. 

Title:  Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment

Author:  Sarah Giles

Publication Year:  2019

Format:  Book

ISBN:  1948889005

Publisher:  Birch Books

Audience: Children/Chapter Book/Early Middle Grade

Language:  English

👇This next part is REALLY important!  Most libraries need to know that a book has been professionally reviewed before they can purchase it. 👇

Additional Information/Notes/etc.: 

Review can be found at:

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