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Rachel - Grade 4

CHAPTER 1. BRAVE ROSE Rose lives in a huge den with her parents. On a typical morning Rose and her parents go to Eagle Lake to play and drink.

Rose had an amazing time UNTIL……

Rose saw a fascinating frog on a lilly pad and got a little curious. She took a deep breath and pounced, she missed - and fell right in the middle of Eagle Lake! The current got too strong.

Suddenly she started moving far away from her parents! “Mom! Dad! Come back! HELP!!!”

She thought to herself, “Is this the end?”

Poor Rose could not swim, she was drowning!

She thought she would never see her family again! “No! I won’t give up! Never!” she said. She spotted a huge log in the middle of Eagle Lake! She took a deep breath as her feet started to pump; she was moving! “Yes!” she thought.

She pounced and was able to climb on to the log. “Woah!” she yelled. It was very slippery. She stepped on the log. “Right foot. then left foot,” she thought.

She gulped; she was so nervous as the water splashed below her…. She crossed!

But she knew that she was still miles away from her den and her parents. She gathered all her might and sprinted as fast as she could!

She ran for miles! She started breathing heavily and began slowing down. “All hope is lost,” she thought to herself.

But what she saw next shook her, it was her den! Her parents were looking for her; they looked so desperate to find her. They hugged upon her return,

“Mom, Dad, I’m so sorry for scaring you like that, I promise to be more careful

next time,” said Rose.


Rose was excited, she was going to Eagle Lake alone! She has always dreamed of being responsible enough that she could go somewhere all by herself.

She said her goodbyes and zoomed out the door

“Yes! Free!” she said as the wind blew in her thick brown fur. But she spoke too soon; she was ambushed by a mud slide! She saw a baby fox den in the middle of it all! Without thinking she ran as fast as she could to the fox den and picked all of them up. Rose ran to the mountains where she would be safe. “Are you guys alright?” Rose asked as she ran out of breath.

“Yes, we're fine, all thanks to you!” said Mother Fox.

“Any time,” Rose said sweetly.

“Well, I will go look for a new den. Bye!” said Mother Fox

“Bye!” Rose said. So, Rose continued her journey to Eagle Lake! She took a deep breath and zoomed off; she could see the Peaceful Eagle Lake in the distance.

“Yes!” Rose said excitedly. “I made it!” she thought.

But she felt kind of lonely. She didn’t have anyone to play with, talk to, swim with and so much more.

“Was this a good decision?” she thought. “No!”

So, she took a deep breath and ran all the way back home.

“Mom, Dad, I am so sorry I left you, I realized that it is so much better to have someone there with you,” said Rose.

“It’s okay, sweetie. We forgive you!” Mom and Dad said together.


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