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Big Fab STory Lab on YouTube!

Writing a book is a BIG job, but it's made up of many little skills that even new writers can master!


In the Big Fab Story Lab on YouTube, I'm sharing my best author-y tricks so that young creatives can practice these little skills, one at a time.

All lessons are kid-friendly and can be completed by anyone who has a strong grasp of writing mechanics (i.e. letter formation, basic sentence structure, etc.)

1. Watch the lesson

Colorful, engaging and each around 5 min. long

2. Learn a skill

Build creative writing

know-how, one piece at a time

3. TrY it out!

Grab a paper and pencil, or download activity sheets.


All videos on the Big Fab Story Lab are safe for all ages and those made exclusively for kids are passive and troll free!*


*Videos designed exclusively for kids are set so that personalized ads, comments, and notifications have all been disabled.


Each lesson starts with a short video, introducing one element of creative story building in 5 min. or less.


Colorful lessons combine live video with fun animation.


Each video includes an intro to the concept, guided example, and instructions for how young creatives can try it themselves.


Can be completed in class or independently. All activities come with examples and full instructions. 


Young creatives can write, draw, and play along with colorful companion activities.  


Activity workbook resources are available in digital & printable formats for use in your virtual classroom or for screen-free creativity time.

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