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Baby Bear learns his lesson

By Sarah - Grade 18 😁

Baby Bear lived in the forest with his Mama and Papa. On a typical night, the Bear family would go for a hike before dinner. Little did they know, this was no typical night, because a little girl named Goldilocks was approaching their cottage, her tummy rumbling from hunger when she smelled Mama Bear’s porridge-raisin cookies.

Goldilocks tried the front door, but it was locked. She circled the cottage trying to figure out a way inside to get a taste of the sweet-smelling treats.

When she got to the back of the cottage, she couldn’t believe her luck when she saw an open window! She climbed inside the Bear family home and headed straight for the kitchen.

Goldilocks found the cookies and was about to eat a couple when the shiny refrigerator caught her eye. “Hmm I wonder what’s in here,” she said to herself as she leaned in to see what was inside a lunchbox marked Baby B.

“Nice! Sushi! My favorite! Don’t mind if I help myself to this delicious looking lunchbox!” Goldilocks said.

Goldilocks ate all of the sushi and then gobbled down all of the porridge cookies, too. “Oof!” she huffed, patting her full belly. “Time to relax for a bit.” She remembered seeing a super cozy-looking bean bag chair in the room that she had first climbed into.

As she slunk down into the comfy chair, she spotted Baby Bear’s video game controller. “Yes! Score!” she said and started up a game.

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