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Harry Williams

Sal - Grade 4

Hi, my name is Harry, Harry Williams. I like pizza. I am a turtle and I live by a pond. I traveled back in time well by accident. Here is my story of how I went back in time.

I started with my friends at the lake. We were at the lake having an enjoyable time and playing hide and seek and not thinking much of it. I pranced into the deep oak forest and hid behind a berry bush. I was about to eat one but remembered that my dad said that the bright orange berries were deadly. I was worried, so I crawled over to another bush. This one had no berries, so I was good or so I thought. But I turned around and noticed a metallic remote looking thing with a big illuminated red button. So, me being me, hit it and heard a loud whooshing sound. Then a large bright purple portal suddenly appeared. It sucked me in. I was teleported to a large forest with lots of colorful plants and flowers. I started to venture out into the wilderness. I saw that there was no pond where it should be and then saw a large waterhole with dinosaurs surrounding it. I thought I was in a nightmare but realized this is not good at all. I then found myself next to dinosaur eggs, but they looked too big to be owned by an herbivore. They belonged to a mother Trex; it was behind me. I ran back to the portal and at the last second, I jumped in. I was back home. I met my friends, and we went back to playing. Later I found the remote, carefully sliding it in my pocket. I went to my bedroom I gently placed it under my bed.


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