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I am Riverscale

JD - Grade 4


I am Riverscale. I am part-Fire dragon and Water dragon. I live in the Fire Dragon Kingdom. All the other kids are Fire dragons, so I get left out. My parents are no longer with us, they died when I was 4 months old. So, I was sent to the dragon orphanage. Little did I know a great battle was yet ahead of me.

Later, I’d learn things about my parents from secret messages that they left behind for me; they died protecting me!

I do not know who was out there to get me, but they wanted something that I had. You see, I don’t really know what thing I had, maybe a special power? I really don’t know, and I wish I did. My parents also left me this - a pet, Flappy - a winged snail. You could call him a friend, well sort of, he does not speak dragon language which makes things very difficult sometimes. He’s loyal and always there for me.

I found out my dad was a reader, or he was interested in the human world even the future human world! He had books about the human world, so let’s say I know my stuff! Here are some things about me, I love dragon fruit, but I hate meat! I am sneaky, I steal dragon fruit. Did I tell you my favorite kind of dragon fruit is the yellow kind; I can’t stand them!


I was so tired of not having my wings, so tired of Chef’s crummy meat soup, and I wanted a challenge! I tried to study the future human world for a challenge! I read about a cow pug guy, a robot. One day I finally found him, Jacob Martini, the Jaguar! He was the one! I waited a couple of months for The Three Red Full Moons! When that happens, The Great Dragon Portal opens! So, I snuck out with Flappy, to the Great Dragon Portal. Let me tell you a little bit about the Great Dragon Portal - you have to make your mind up in 9 seconds or it will take you to a random place!

Flappy does not like my plan, he thinks this is bad, I can see him squeaking and flying around rapidly! He still comes though; I am so glad he came. I cannot do this without him! I go to the dragon portal and say: “Find me Jacob Martini, the Jaguar!”

I get sucked into the portal, all the colors swirling around me ahhhhhhh! Flappy seems fine though, for some reason. Then everything goes black! I see him - JACOB MARTINI THE JAGUAR!

“Hey, I’ve been looking for a challenge.” I said.

“Me too.” said Jacob.”

“So, let’s fight!” we both shouted.

“Hey, is there something on my knuckle?” I said.

“Let me see," said Jacob.

Ka pow!

You tricked me!” said Jacob! “Look at my leg,” said Jacob.

“I’m not that.... ahhhhhh!”

The battle went on for what seemed like forever! But then he had me!

“You're finished!” said Jacob.

Then he finished me off with his special move! After that I could not get up or remember anything after that. I woke up, “Whahhhhh?” I said. “I have my wings!”

“You earned them from our battle dragon!”

“Dragon, can I ask you something before you go?”


“What is the portal that you came through?”

“It is the great dragon portal - it comes every 9 million years. That’s when there are 3 full red moons.”

“Let’s go out to lunch,” Jacob said, “and your little buddy can come too!”

I was so happy to have made a real friend, Jacob Martini, the Jaguar!


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