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Bella - Grade 4

Toasty lives at a bakery with his pet macaron and his friends, but little does he know that he will go on an adventure!

Toasty was taking a butter bath before the bakery opened at 5:00 am. When he was done, the bakery opened. When people started coming in, this one guy came in and picked out Toasty to buy for breakfast.

When Toasty was feeding his pet macaron, he got grabbed. “What is HAPPENING?!” His pet macaron wasn’t helping much by eating! He got put into a paper bag. He started to yell “Hey! Could you take me out please?” But he could hear a car starting.

The man and Toasty were off! Toasty could feel the movement of the car on the road. After a few minutes the car came to a stop and the paper bag got picked up. Then he heard the door open and got taken in. Toasty got put onto a plate on a table. The man started to cook eggs for his breakfast. There was ketchup and salt on the table.

Toasty was trying to think of a plan for a few minutes... then BOOM! He got a plan! When the man turned around, Toasty squirted the guy in the eyes and ran out the door. He jumped on a stray dog and steered to the bakery.

Two weeks later... Toasty is back at the bakery taking tons of butter baths after that disaster to relax. “I really need to be more cautious in the bakery” thought Toasty.


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