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You've done all the Hard work. Now it's time to share!

Use the instructions below to make a paper book for your story. You can make a large book for a long story, or a small book for a short story. If you create your book on a computer, you can make as many copies as you like!


Click here if you have a


Click here if you have a

Instructions for a large paper book

1. Choose a template. You can use the printable version, printing as many pages as you need to write your story on top. Or you can use the "Type" template and type your story using Google Slides before printing.



2. On the first template page, start with the box on the left and begin your story. Number the pages as you go. Paste any illustrations onto the page as you fill in your story. You can include an "About the Author" page as the last page if you like. 



3. Fold each completed template page in half, between the two boxes. The story should be on the outside.



4. My favorite way to attach the pages is using some clear tape. Begin with the folded template containing pages 1-2 and pages 3-4. Lay them side by side, with page 2 showing on the left and page 3 showing on the right. Place two pieces of tape along the center where the two sets of pages come together. 

Repeat to secure as many pages as you have filled with your story. 

*If you don't have any tape, you could also use staples or punch holes and tie with yarn.

5. Create a cover for your book. You can use blank white paper, construction paper, or cardboard. Write or paste your dedication on the inside of the cover.


Attach page 1 to the cover in the same way you attached the inside pages to each other. Repeat this step to attach the last page of your story to the back cover.

Start here

A piece of paper with two columns for students to use for writing the final draft of their story

Page numbers  here

Long Story

Instructions for a SMALL paper book

1. Print a template.

2. Gather supplies: clear tape and glue stick (or double-sided tape instead of glue stick)





3. Watch the video to see how to fold into a book.

🎧 www.bensound .com

Short Story
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