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Fitting Out Book Study and Writing Lessons

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The Friendship Experiment


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Parents: All about the book

In the Fitting Out chapter book series, 10-year-old Max is finding his own way to get through elementary school life, sharing his triumphs, fails, and many laughs along the way.

In Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment, 10-year-old Max sets out to make new friends, using the scientific method to conduct his own friendship experiment.

While testing out his hypotheses for finding new friends, Max discovers what works (and what TOTALLY doesn't!). With his scientific plan, a little bravery, and perseverance, Max finds out where he fits, just in time for the first day of school.

"... lighthearted illustrations and Max's quirky personality shine."

- Publishers Weekly

"Max's voice is believable, funny, and fresh--he sounds like he'd be a great kid to know." - Kirkus Reviews

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Study Materials

Read the Book and Answer Discussion Questions

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Complete Writing Lessons + Activities

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3) Complete the activity worksheet

ME Map

(includes a reading of Chapter 2)

(includes a reading of Chapter 9)


Check out Fitting Out printable puzzles and origami bookmark by clicking the puzzle button here or at the top of this page. 

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